About Us

Welcome Link2CollegePrep

We are more than a tutoring program. We are a group of students, willing to build relationships with those in our community while delivering academic guidance to reach success. 

Who Are We

Dedicated volunteer tutors who know the impact they are able create when helping their peers.



Our Mission

Our team believes that even a small contribution will have a significant effect on our peers  achieving their college dreams. As a non-profit, we are devoted to giving back to our community. 


What We Do

We are committed to offering FREE resources to all students who are preparing for standardized tests. Since these tests play such a huge role in one’s college journey, we want to make sure the SAT doesn’t take away the dreams our students hold in higher education.

Our history

Towards late 2018, Founder/President Matthew Yan spent more than two years on SAT prep prior to starting Link2CollegePrep. He realized that many of his peers are given the opportunity to attend pricy and elite SAT prep programs. He developed the passion for SAT and enjoys helping others to acquire the skills. He and his team want to help and connect people who need the additional educational help and resources. Link2CollegePrep was created in hopes of bringing an interactive environment toward standardized testing while providing students the tools necessary to excel on their path toward college. They believe that together they can make difference in their peers and are committed to helping students succeed!


Our 3 Step Process



Fill out the form and let us know the type of tutoring you required.



Get matched to one of our lead tutors.



Tailored standardized prep through in person tutoring/sessions.

Why choose us?

We know that SAT is easier when you have an excellent tutor. All our lead tutors have scored within the top 2% of test takers nationwide and are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring enthusiasm into their lessons.

Too many motivated students are not able to afford expensive college prep classes. We are here to help students prepare for college with FREE SAT prep.  We offer group lessons locally, emails, and Discord help. 

  • Our mission is to help every student  achieve their SAT target score regardless of family income. We are committed to embrace the pursuit of excellence in the learning process.
Dedicated team members
Score Top 98% on SAT
Hours of Tutoring
Positive Experience

Apply Now!

We offer our students 1-1 tutoring, emails and a Discord community to prepare them on their SAT. Once we receive your application our communications executive will review it and send a response back.